Claim FREE milk for children under 5 in registered daycare!

We are a national company that supply FREE fresh local milk to registered Childminders, Pre-schools, Nurseries across the country. FREE fresh milk for the under 5′s in registered daycare across England, Wales & Scotland.

We aim to deliver your FREE milk between the hours of 6am to 9am and delivery is 100% free.

Each child is allowed 1/3 of a pint of free milk for each day they are in registered child care for 2 hours or more. 

Once we receive the completed application forms we shall contact you to discuss the exact amount of your milk entitlement.

{this is crucial so you are not receiving more milk than you are entitled to, or YOU may have to pay money back to the NMRU. Thats why KidzMILK take the time to get it right for you!}

We use local Milk suppliers, as we feel it is vital to support local Businesses and in doing so this allows us to provide you with the freshest milk possible along with great local service. {see our service location page for more info}.

KidzMILK now provide our fantastic service across SCOTLAND!!!!  We have an excellent local service distribution provider in place ready and eager to deliver your FREE milk to your door. Please contact KidzMILK for more information and an application pack.

We are now THE#1 FREE milk supplier to childminders across mainland UK. We specialise in providing our service to childminders. Childminders are finding it hard to get service from other supply companies due to geographical problems. However KidzMILK have built a vast array of independent dairies, milk service providers, bottled milk buyers and doorstep delivery personnel across mainland UK. This means we have the power, strength and logistics to provide the very best service to you as possible.

Our customer service is THE most important thing to us here at KidzMILK. We do NOT make you sign a 12 month contract      {Why sign a 12 month contract for a FREE service?….your the customer and you should be able to choose which service provider YOU want at ANY time}

We do NOT have a 4 week cancellation period.

If KidzMILK do happen to make an error……..we will NOT tell you it’s YOUR fault, we will NOT give silly excuses, we will NOT send you ANY bills for deliveries made by mistake, {not that this happens at KidzMILK, but we have heard ALOT of horror stories}.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at KidzMILk and we hope you will join us soon!